Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Not Delivery, But It's Not DiGiorno's Either

I have discovered the best way to make homemade pizza! Trust me, after you try this you will never want to eat pizza anywhere, but home;) All you need is a Boboli(or the generic kind) pizza crust and all your favorite toppings. Then all you do it grill it (yes, grill it) over low heat until the cheese is all melty and the crust is golden.

On the pizza pictured above I have used a whole wheat crust and topped it with pizza sauce, diced ham, salami, green olives, onions, green peppers (FOTG), yellow peppers (FOTG), tomato slices (FOTG), black olives, mushrooms, pepperocini rings, artichoke, feta cheese crumbles, and Italian 6 cheese blend.

Doesn't it look super yum!?!

For family dinners we sometimes have build your own pizza nite. Instead of the big pizza crust I buy the small 8" round ones and put all different types of toppings out so everyone cam make their own personal fave. It is a big hit!

So put pizza crusts on your grocery list, cuz you have got to try this!

(P.S. FOTG=fresh out the garden)


SweetT said...

I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and yes, your pizza looks very YUMMY!

Amy said...

hey, we just made pizzas the other night and I put pics up on my blog. I've NEVER thought about grilling them. How did the cheese get brown on top? Did you close the grill cover?