Friday, December 4, 2009

Hot Mama Apron Reveal

Here is the apron I sent Micki for the latest installment of the Hot Mama Apron Swap

Unfortunately, I only have a camera phone photo...not the best quality, but you get the idea.

I also receive a choco-licious apron of my very own from Cynthia...along with some dove dark chocolate goodness! I will snap some pics this weekend and post all about it:)

Tutorials, Tutorials, Tutorials

I have been trolling the Internet the past few days looking for quick-sew gift ideas (quick-sew because I have waited to the last minute...again!). Here are a few neat ones that caught my eye:

Fabric Flowers (featured on SewMamaSew too)

Flexi-coin Purse (I heart that Uhandbag!)

Baby Burp Cloths (Got a baby shower next weekend)

Cute Appliqued Coasters (I am a sucker for owls)

Patchwork Placemats (I think these would be fun for Grandma)

Hopefully I will have some actual photos to share after the Holidays...if I ever get myself back into the sewing room:)

Friday, September 18, 2009

The camera cable has been found!

Ok, so the camera cable was MIA, but as it turns out I am the only one who thought it was missing...hubby had put it away without letting me in on the "secret" hiding place. (Translation: I am always leaving stuff laying about which he finds completely annoying so it really wasn't just wasn't where I left it last since he had put it where it supposed to go when not in

So here is what I have been up to lately...

1. The Birdie Sling:



I made this for my friend/co-worker Dena. She picked out the AB fabrics and I lined it with some coordinating marroon quilting cotton. I deviated from the pattern a so much in the pattern itself, but in the instruction. I use some pretty heavy duty sew-in interfacing on all of the pieces in order to make sure it was extra sturdy. After I was done I was kind of thinking I may have gone overboard because that puppy was stiff, but turns out that after some use it has softened up nicely and still has a good shape.

The Birdie Sling is a fun easy pattern so I would recommend it to anyone and the handbag is HUGE...much bigger than I thought it was going to be. Another plus, you get to learn how to do a curved gusset...I love it when I learn something new! And yet another plus, she loves it...and that makes me happy:)

2. The Hooty Hanging Organizer:

Another co-worker has a daughter who started college this year and she asked if I could make some sort of hanging organizer to fit under the mattress of her loft bed so she would have somewhere to keep her glasses and such. After some pondering I came up with this...

The Hooty Hanging Organizer!

I added a little shelf liner to act as a gripper to help keep it in place and some pleated pockets for a little extra room so she could put a book in there or even her slippers. It must be doing the job because now her roommate wants one:)

3. Mama Mia! Hot Mama Apron Swap:

Last but not least...Here are the photos of the apron I received from Sherry in YarniGras' latest installment of the Hot Mama Swap.

Thanks Sherry!

The End...

Friday, August 28, 2009

absintee blogger...

I know my blog has been the most boring on the planet, but I have been BUSY! I have some photos on my camera that are eagerly awaiting being downloaded...I have some completed projects to share, a swapper to thank properly, and some trip photos too. I am really hoping to get to it this weekend...we shall see if I can squeeze it in between 2 baseball games, a football game, and a purse that I really need to get sewed together;)

Have a good weekend everyone:)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mama Mia!...Here I Go Again!

The Mama Mia Apron swap comes to a close. Here is what I sent:)

My partner was Becca and she said her favorite part of the movie was the ocean and her favorite color was red. I decided to ignore the favorite color part (sorry Becca!) and focus on the ocean. After sifting thru my stash I found the perfect combo of fabrics to "make the ocean" out of. I decided on the Marie Antoinette apron out of "A is for Apron" (a great aproning resource). This is the end result...

Can you see the ocean in it? I made the ruffles out of some sparkly tulle, some aqua tulle, some sage chiffon and the main panel out of blue satin. The band and ties are fashioned from the thrifted sheet I acquired at Goodwill last summer. Then I used some funky buttons to secure the accordion pleats.

I threw in a recipe for some watermelon sangria, some blue cocktail napkins, an Amy Butler FQ, and some 3-D die cut stickers in a beach motif. Voila, swap package complete!

BTW, I got my swap package from Sherry when I arrived home yesterday (clap, clap)! I will post about it tomorrow...gotta get some pics!

Heaven on Earth!

Just got back from Michigan. We were up there visiting my BFF Carolyn and her family. We absolutely LOVE Michigan check out some of the fun we had over our long (but not quite long enough) weekend.

The lighthouse at the channel...

Check out the waves!

Ready to boogie (boogie board that is)!

Caught one!

Lyddie has her floatie and she is ready to ride the waves...

Andy & Graham out on the Hobie Kat

View from the top...

View from the top...see the rainstorm heading in on the right side of the picture?

Isn't it just beautiful!?! Usually when we go up the water is a little too frigid, but this was the PERFECT weekend. We swam and visited, beached and sailed...truly the most amazing weekend:) I have more pics to share, but they are on my friend's camera. Once she gets them uploaded I will share more of the fun and scenery with you:) If anyone is in need of family vacation ideas I say look into a trip to Michigan! I would take it over a trip to the ocean any day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Been on hiatus...

Sorry for the lack of posting...we have been hustling and bustling thru summer.

My son's 9-U Baseball team won a tournament...

Here is another shot with Coach Dad...

Graham fell off his bike and busted his knee open so he got his first set of be honest I am quite surprised he lasted this long...he is pretty accident

Not too horrible, but still pretty gross:)

On the sewing front...I made another Nappy Bag for a co-worker whose daughter is expecting her first baby any day.

She picked out this cute monkey print to go along with the monkey themem nursery...they are having a boy.

I lined it with some basic brown cotton and made the inside pockets out of some cute stripe I stumbled upon at Joann's

She will be picking it up tomorrow...I hope she and her daughter like it!

Up Next...

This weekend it ANOTHER baseball tournament. It is the last of the summer season so I am looking forward to a little break before Fall Ball starts up (yeah, we are crazy...we play practically year round).

I am also just about done with my Mama Mia apron for YarniGras! swap. I am so excited about it and can't wait for my partners reaction! As soon as she receives it I will post pics! Probably by sometime next week...the mail deadline is this Saturday.

Next weekend we are off to Michigan to visit friends and beach it up...then we are home a weekend before heading out for our yearly float trip. We are definitely closing summer out with a bang! I can't believe school registration is in 2 weeks! Where does the time go?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Reveal

This time it is my Seams To Me in the one I received from my WTPS #5 partner (the swap mama and uber sewist Tracey). Thanks Tracey! I love it:) I started carrying it the day I received it and I have had SO many complements!

Check it out everyone!...and DROOL;)

Full frontal



A better look at the cute fabrics, and the awesome wooden handles...such a good idea!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Initial Frenchy's (and I survived!)

Sorry for my long absence! I am seriously bad at blogging in the summer. Come to think of it I am not that much of a regular in the winter either;)...

Anyway, here is what I have been up to lately:

I trained for and ran/biked in a local biathlon. I even took 3rd place in my age group. I think there were only 4 entrants in my age group so it isn't like it is a major accomplishment, but I ran, I biked, I finished! YAY! That there is accomplishment enough for me:) As an added bonus I get a little award for my "3rd place" efforts.

Exercise photos are SO flattering...NOT!

On the sewing front:

I have been a busy little bee...

I just completed some Frenchy bags that are going to be given as bridal party gifts.

6 bags in total. It really went fast (well after the cutting part-which was A LOT of cutting-I think over 100 total pieces-no lie)and I was amazed how easy they went together. I recommend this pattern to anyone at any sewing level.

Each bag has a bridesmaid's initial which was monogrammed for me by my Aunt. I really want one of those fancy machines! They do some cool stuff.

I lined them in some gray broadcloth cotton and lined the pockets with so of the full moon polka dot. I am totally jazzed about them I think they turned out really nice. I hope the bride likes them! She is picking them up later today:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seams To Me Reveal

Tracey has received the item I made for her so I can share finally share the photos.

Here it is...

I decided to make the "I'll Take One of Everything Bag". I love the way it turned out! Although I did think it would be a little larger...I think if/when I make one for myself I will enlarge the pattern pieces so it will turn out bigger. I made it out of Katie Jump Rope fabric from my stash (some of my FAVORITE fabric).

One thing I really love about AMH's book...a lot of the projects don't appear require a huge amount of fabric so I think I am going to be able to use up some of my scraps. This is pretty exciting since my scrap pile is now occupying a rather large could use a little dwindling:)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Picnic Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Picnic Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

This blog has the best giveaways! Wait till you see this lovely frock!

I have been busy landscaping around the house. As soon as it stops raining I am going to snap some photos and share them with all of you:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Simple Skirts GIVEAWAY!!!!

Simple Skirts GIVEAWAY!!!!

Another great giveaway...cute little skirts for darling little princesses:)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post #98...

My 98th post! That means 100 could be happening soon...although at my current blog rate "soon" could equal!

Ok, so I just wanted to let you all know that Tracey over at Itching2bstitching is counting down to summer and she is having a giveaway to celebrate! All you have to do is run over there and dish about your summer plans and-viola!-you're entered. Give her a shout out on your own blog and receive 5 (count 'em-5) additional entries! How sweet is that?!?

On the sewing front:

I have just completed my "Seams to Me" item for the We the People Swap part 5. I am happy to report that I am done a whole week in advance of the due date...YAY! Take that procrastination! I can't share photos just yet cuz it is supposed to be a secret swap and I would hate to spoil the surprise, but I am getting it out in the mail today so I am thinking I will be able to share photos by the weekend...keep an eye out:)

Seriously, what are you still doing here? Don't you have a giveaway to be entering?!? Now, SCOOT!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I found a giveaway!

Click the button to be redirected to Calamity Kim's HUGE giveaway! Sign up by April 1st!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

As promised...and promised

Ok, I know all of you are on the edge of your seats-on a saturday evening-to see pictures of the! Well here they are:

ALL of those pieces turned into...

I threw some herb seeds, body polish, 1 yard of fabric (per swap requirements) it's Farmer's Market I think. I also attached a cute little Tinkerbelle keychain cuz she matched the bag:)

My partner also won the wallet giveaway I had so that is included as well.

Here are some better shots of the baby shoes too...

Next up is the PDC (pretty darn cute) Nappy Bag that I made for my ready-to-pop-at-any-moment pregnant gal pal.

I am totally digging the cute owl fabric (Alexander Henry) and the Cherry Full Moon Polka Dot by AB. I think I have enough extra to make a cute summer frock for Lyddiebug...but we will have to see because I am done with the bag, but I still have the changing pad and case to finish up...

And last, but not least...

My Weekender Bag by Ellena!! Isn't it totally AWESOME?? I can't thank her enough for making this such a GREAT swap!!

Well, that is the end of my photo slide show...also the end of what I am sure is my LONGEST post ever! I am nearing my 100th post so I am thinking a fun little contest is in order...Any ideas?