Monday, March 30, 2009

I found a giveaway!

Click the button to be redirected to Calamity Kim's HUGE giveaway! Sign up by April 1st!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

As promised...and promised

Ok, I know all of you are on the edge of your seats-on a saturday evening-to see pictures of the! Well here they are:

ALL of those pieces turned into...

I threw some herb seeds, body polish, 1 yard of fabric (per swap requirements) it's Farmer's Market I think. I also attached a cute little Tinkerbelle keychain cuz she matched the bag:)

My partner also won the wallet giveaway I had so that is included as well.

Here are some better shots of the baby shoes too...

Next up is the PDC (pretty darn cute) Nappy Bag that I made for my ready-to-pop-at-any-moment pregnant gal pal.

I am totally digging the cute owl fabric (Alexander Henry) and the Cherry Full Moon Polka Dot by AB. I think I have enough extra to make a cute summer frock for Lyddiebug...but we will have to see because I am done with the bag, but I still have the changing pad and case to finish up...

And last, but not least...

My Weekender Bag by Ellena!! Isn't it totally AWESOME?? I can't thank her enough for making this such a GREAT swap!!

Well, that is the end of my photo slide show...also the end of what I am sure is my LONGEST post ever! I am nearing my 100th post so I am thinking a fun little contest is in order...Any ideas?

Friday, March 27, 2009


I am bored and having a doodle. I want to make an apron like this...

I want to cut the tiers of the skirt on the bias so they will be full and I think I will layer some tulle between them as well. Add a little fabric flower brooch at the top and voila! I haven't made an apron for a LONG time. I kind of burnt myself out last year...I lovingly refer to it as Apron 08. I must be feeling nostalgic though because recently I am feeling the urge to whip up something domestic:)

OK, well I am off to deal with rush hour traffic. I love getting of work at 5(not)! I am going to upload pics when I get home whilst I enjoy my So I should have some Weekender pics available for your viewing pleasure by late this evening or sometime tomorrow.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok, I apologize for my brief (if you consider a whole month brief) hiatus! But I am back and in full effect:)...Isn't that a line from a Vanilla Ice song or!

I had quite the busy sewing weekend!! I will be back tomorrow to share pics with all of you. Here is a little tidbit to hold you over...

I made these cutesy little baby shoes for some friends that had a baby last month. I used this tutorial which is also linked in my blog sidebar. This was a super easy, super fast, super fun little project. If you are ever in a bind and need a quick, cute, original baby gift I would keep this pattern handy!!

Alright, be sure to check back tomorrow (or the day after that, or the day after that-cuz, let's be honest, I am a SLOW mover...)! I will be sharing pics of the weekender I made, the weekender I received (it is flipping AMAZING), and a Nappy Bag in progress (it's PDC if I do say so myself).