Friday, September 18, 2009

The camera cable has been found!

Ok, so the camera cable was MIA, but as it turns out I am the only one who thought it was missing...hubby had put it away without letting me in on the "secret" hiding place. (Translation: I am always leaving stuff laying about which he finds completely annoying so it really wasn't just wasn't where I left it last since he had put it where it supposed to go when not in

So here is what I have been up to lately...

1. The Birdie Sling:



I made this for my friend/co-worker Dena. She picked out the AB fabrics and I lined it with some coordinating marroon quilting cotton. I deviated from the pattern a so much in the pattern itself, but in the instruction. I use some pretty heavy duty sew-in interfacing on all of the pieces in order to make sure it was extra sturdy. After I was done I was kind of thinking I may have gone overboard because that puppy was stiff, but turns out that after some use it has softened up nicely and still has a good shape.

The Birdie Sling is a fun easy pattern so I would recommend it to anyone and the handbag is HUGE...much bigger than I thought it was going to be. Another plus, you get to learn how to do a curved gusset...I love it when I learn something new! And yet another plus, she loves it...and that makes me happy:)

2. The Hooty Hanging Organizer:

Another co-worker has a daughter who started college this year and she asked if I could make some sort of hanging organizer to fit under the mattress of her loft bed so she would have somewhere to keep her glasses and such. After some pondering I came up with this...

The Hooty Hanging Organizer!

I added a little shelf liner to act as a gripper to help keep it in place and some pleated pockets for a little extra room so she could put a book in there or even her slippers. It must be doing the job because now her roommate wants one:)

3. Mama Mia! Hot Mama Apron Swap:

Last but not least...Here are the photos of the apron I received from Sherry in YarniGras' latest installment of the Hot Mama Swap.

Thanks Sherry!

The End...