Friday, September 5, 2008

The Batteries are ALWAYS dead!

I don't know about all of you, but it seems like the batteries are always dead around our house...and when I go to the battery drawer (a.k.a. JUNK drawer) I never can find enough of the right size! I think I need to invest in the rechargeables, but they would always be dead because I forgot to put them on the! So it is a lose-lose I guess. Anyway, I finally got some batteries for my camera (yeah after they have been dead for about 2 weeks) so I am catching up on my thank you's and showing off some of my recent-recent basically encompasses all of summer-swap received items.

First: Apron w/ Profile Surprise Swap-Partner NanaDeb (also hosted by NanaDeb)

You can tell she read my profile because the fabric she constructed this apron from has me written all over it! I wore it just the other day in the kitchen when my daughter and I were making pancakes and it has a great fit.

Second: Hittin' the Trail Swap-Partner Bean (hosted by yarnigras)

A cute and girly cowgirl apron! I love the big pockets and sturdy material and I can't wait to bust it out next time we go camping! She also included a fun book called "Backcountry Betty"~it has some very entertaining/useful information

Third: Booming Aprons Spooky~Boo~Scary Swap-Partner Kirsten (Preppy Pink Crocodile)

I just got my items Saturday and they are awesome. 1 apron, 1 potholder, and 1 trick-or-treat bag. She also threw in some pumpink Peeps and some cute pumpkin straws which Graham Cracker and Lyddiebug promptly claimed for themselves. We all say "thank you"!

Same deal...forgot pic, but I grabbed a couple off of her blog...Hope you don't mind PPC;)

Thanks again to everyone!

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Yarni Gras! said...

cute aprons! Can't wait to see the other one.