Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If I Only Had 98 Smackaroos (and a little apron love too)

I absolutely LOVE Anthropologie and their website is one of my guilty pleasures. It has been awhile since I visited so I thought today would be a perfect time.

While there I found that I must have this...

I have a THING for handbags, especially those that are roomy and have a neat print in the fabric. As you can see, this meets those criteria. Too bad I can't bring myself to fork over the dough (who could when there is fabric to buy? keep my priorities in order...jeesh) and treat myself. Hmm, isn't it about Christmas List season? Might have to pencil it in right under dressform;)

Anyway, enough rambling about the handbag...while I was there I was checking out their apron offerings. Let me tell ya they have some DARLING aprons! Check out this little number...

Now, at $32 I would consider it a little pricey...especially since I know I am perfectly capable of making an apron for myself, but if for nothing else than a little inspiration or a little therapeutic window shopping why not check it out?