Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It Is Apple Pickin' Time

I took the kids to Grafton on Sunday for a little apple pickin'...I LOVE the Fall!

We drove down to Eckert Orchard for the Apple Fest.

They load everyone up on trailers pulled by tractors and take the scenic route to the apple trees. This particular weekend they were picking yellow/red delicious and Jonathan apples. I gave each of the kids a bag and they got to the pickin'. It only took them about 5 minutes to fill up their bags...they would have kept going, but I thought we had plenty. We lined back up to catch the tractor back to the main part of the orchard. I am pretty sure we butted in line, but I had to get those kids away from the apple trees...they were still trying to pick more apples! LOL!

So we take the bumpy scenic ride to the place where you weigh and pay. The whole time I was kind of nervous because we had a lot of apples-I know because I was carrying both of the HEAVY bags-and at $1.49 per pound I knew I wasn't getting out of there on the cheap. So I heave my 2 bursting bags of apples up onto the scale...26LBS!!! Yup, I was afraid of that...

So after a peruse of the bakery/gift shop we loaded up our 26# of apples ($40 worth) and headed home. The whole time I was thinking, "What the crap am I going to do with 26lbs of apples!" Then my son said, "Mom, that was so much more fun than just staying home and playing with friends all day!" I felt much better...I am finding that as my kids get older it is harder to find family activites that they enjoy more than spending time with friends. So that made the whole trip worth it right there:)

Well I am off to make apple pies and apple cake and apple tart and apple crisp and probably some applesauce...haha


shannon said...

Oh my gosh... I bet u guys had so much fun!!! I love apple time too we had fried apples for desert tonight. they were still crisp... YAY FALL!!!!! Anytime you want to go back to eckerts give us a call!

Yarni Gras! said...

yum.....we used to do that when we were in Texas...can't find ____ here though..........:-(