Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kickin' it in the Windy (more like RAINY) City

My trip to Chicago, in a nutshell:

Got on the train to Chicago 833am.
After a 50 minute detour arrive in Chicago 115pm (the train ran out of food)-it is raining
Walk to the hotel to check in-in the rain
Hotel room is ready early-Yay!
Back out into the rain to find somewhere to eat.
Eat and drink some wine
Back out into the rain
Try to figure out the Subway so we can get to the Craft Fair
Finally get on the subway-a little scary, but pretty awesome too-by the end of the trip it was totally not scary anymore
Get off the subway-make two wrong turns-finally get to the craft fair
Craft fair was pretty neat, but too many people with umbrellas, and too much rain
Bail on the craft fair (didn't buy anything) get back on the subway.
Figure out how to take the subway to the Magnificent Mile (map out and all...looked like such the tourist!)
Get to the shops-still raining-shoes are wet, socks are wet, pretty much everything is soaked-I LOVE rain!
Spend most of the evening window shopping and people watching
Back to the hotel-still raining-to eat some dinner
After dinner and 3 $6 beers for me (2 $13.50 martinis for Shannon) go to bed
Up on Sunday-still raining
Spend and hour trying to dry my shoes with a hairdryer
Effort wasted, 5 minutes outside shoes are SOAKED again
Eat breakfast
More shopping-still raining
Go to a couple fabric stores-got some really CUTE owl trim-OMGosh...stopped raining
Make our way back to the train station-still not raining
Train CANCELLED!-too much rain, no alternate transportation

Trek to the Greyhound station (with two Chinese lady friends in our same predicament-can't get home)-no buses til the following morning-didn't really want to ride a bus anyway:)
Call some rental car places-all closed
Get a hold of Shannon's husband-he offers to come pick us up-YAY!-it will be 5 hours til he can get there-BOO!
Me, Shannon, and our 2 new Chinese lady friends go to dinner-it was fun
Back to the train station to wait for our ride....still not raining
Waiting at the train station
Ride comes-we get home...FINALLY! @ 230am (a big "thank you" to Matt for coming to get us!!)

I know it sounds like a nightmare, but it really wasn't bad...and we got a LOT of exercise. It was still fun to get away for the weekend and hang out in the BIG city!

Our wet, tired feet:)