Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heaven on Earth!

Just got back from Michigan. We were up there visiting my BFF Carolyn and her family. We absolutely LOVE Michigan check out some of the fun we had over our long (but not quite long enough) weekend.

The lighthouse at the channel...

Check out the waves!

Ready to boogie (boogie board that is)!

Caught one!

Lyddie has her floatie and she is ready to ride the waves...

Andy & Graham out on the Hobie Kat

View from the top...

View from the top...see the rainstorm heading in on the right side of the picture?

Isn't it just beautiful!?! Usually when we go up the water is a little too frigid, but this was the PERFECT weekend. We swam and visited, beached and sailed...truly the most amazing weekend:) I have more pics to share, but they are on my friend's camera. Once she gets them uploaded I will share more of the fun and scenery with you:) If anyone is in need of family vacation ideas I say look into a trip to Michigan! I would take it over a trip to the ocean any day!

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Yarni Gras! said...

thanks for sharing! Your vacation looked wonderful!