Friday, February 20, 2009

Excitement is in the air and I am having a GIVEAWAY!

This is a sticky posts found below until contest closes on the 20th:)


Okay, everyone, I am so excited!!! I am participating the We The People Swap Episode #4, hosted by the wonderful Tracey, and in this round we are making weekender bags! YAY! Not only do I get to make this awesome bag for someone, but I get one in return!

So today I have finally decided on my fabrics...and I am going to give all of you a chance to guess which ones they are. Those of you who guess correctly will be entered in a drawing to win a frankenpug wallet (inspired by 'this darn kat' tutorial)!!! So exciting right?!?

Here are the choices...

Fabrics for the main body of the bag:






Fabrics for accent and lining:






Ok, so here's the rules...EDITED

Select a main fabric and and accent fabric (you can identify them by number) and type your selection, along with your wallet color preference, in the comments section of this post. Those of you who guess the right combination will be placed in a hat,or into the RNG, and one lucky person will be the recipient of a frankenpug wallet. Only one entry per person. Contest will remain open until 2/20. Good guessin'!

New Rules:

Posting a guess will give you 1 entry
Spreading the word will give you 1 more entries
Guessing one of the fabrics correctly will give you 3 extra entries
Guessing both fabrics correctly will give 5 extra entries.

Add em up and that could equal 10 entries!

oh yeah...I will announce the winner on 2/28 (the swap deadline)


Katy said...

mmm i reckon..

Main Body - 3
Lining and Accent - 1

Wallet Colour preference - browns and greens!

(pls let me win - i haven't won a blog giveaway yet!! Sympathy Vote!!)

That sounds like an awesome swap.

Jill said...

Cute contest! Alright Heather, I think main body #3 and lining #2. Can't wait to see how that bag turns out! :)

Abigail said...

Main - 3
Lining - 1

I love a bold pattern and am always traditional with a small print lining.

Jill said...

Hi again! Just wanted to let you know your little quilt is in the mail. I really hope you like it! Jill

Sara said...

Main Body - 3
Lining and Accent - 5

Very fun, can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

im thinking

main 2
lining 2

such pretty fabric!!

Just a lurker turned into a follower 80)

shannon said...

2 and 2... pick me pick me pick me!!!!!!!!! ps i have this pattern... i wanna sew!

Sarah C said...

i feel bad because other people have guessed the same, but i promise that i picked my fabric choices before i saw what others chose....
i pick 2 and 2.

i was intimidated before about having to pick the right combo, silly i know, but i am so glad you updated the rules! I cant wait to see your bag. I am in the swap too...its so much fun!

JD said...

I pick 5 and 5... and wallet preference, if I win, blues and browns :)

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

3 and 3

If I win, I'll take any color of wallett......I have 1,000 purses-I'm sure it'll match one of them!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I think Main body 2 and the lining and accent 5 :)please enter me in your drawing ;)

Shawnee said...

OOooh tricky. I think you're going to Use #2 for the main and #4 for the lining ... the same fabric in different tones.

I really wanted to join this swap but had no confidence in my skills. I can't wait to see your finished product!

Zoƫ said...

I am going got guess 3 and 3. If I win pinks and browns would be nice, but all of anything would be great:)

Natalie said...

I'm going to say #3 for main and #1 for accent.
Wallet color- browns and any other color

Pick me! Pick me!

Ariane said...

I say it's 3 and 3. I would love any color of wallet. Love's so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Ilove them all, but, I will guess,
I love these together.
Any color of wallet would be wonderful.
Nikki Gould

rachel griffith said...

i'll be differet and go with 2 & 4.
yeah. that IS my final answer.

you are a new blog to me.
coming over via itchin' to be stichin'


Jamie Mueller said...

wow this was tough, I scanned them over and over before I FINALLY decided. I think Main #3 and Body #1. I love ALL of the fabrics and would gladly take any wallet you wish to make! turquoise is my favorite color!

Ellena said...

I am guessing #5 and #5 would love to win