Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekender Bag Progress Report

Ok, so I have all my pieces cut out for my Weekender Bag project. (Well. almost all of the cutting is complete. I ordered a bolt of heavy sew-in interfacing from Joann's with my 50% off coupon-good deal!- anyway the shipping takes FOREVER from that place! It finally made it here so I really have a couple more cut outs to do of the interfacing). Let me tell you that is a LOT of cutting! I would show pics of all my lovely cut outs, but that would give away my fabric choices...and that wouldn't make sense since I am having a "guess what fabric I picked giveaway".

I am going to start on the sewing tonight. Lyddiebug is staying at the GP's and Andy and Graham have baseball that means I get the house all to myself for 3.5 whole hours! Cha-ching! Talk about 3.5 consecutive hours of uninterrupted sewing while singing along the to XM satellite radio (the Lithium station-yeah, I am totally stuck in the 90'! I am a little nervous because I have had some bad luck with covering the cording in the past so to be safe I plan to have a seam ripper on hand...and I think I am going to whip out the antique machine with the old standard zipper foot to see if that helps out at all. My zipper foot for my Brother machine is not very user friendly for me for some reason. Does anyone have any Brother zipper foot tips that might be useful? I hate it because it is so wide at the back which doesn't' really facilitate close sewing to the zipper. Unless maybe I am trying to sew too close? I think I need some guidance!:)

Ok, I am done rambling/venting about my zipper foot...any comments with helpful tips will be much appreciated:) I will take photos as I complete the bag so I can share the construction process later.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Ellie said...

Yay for the Weekender bag! I have made two of them and they are so worth it! The cutting out really is one of the longest parts and it can get a little trying while putting it together, but if you power through, the end result is awesome!