Friday, March 27, 2009


I am bored and having a doodle. I want to make an apron like this...

I want to cut the tiers of the skirt on the bias so they will be full and I think I will layer some tulle between them as well. Add a little fabric flower brooch at the top and voila! I haven't made an apron for a LONG time. I kind of burnt myself out last year...I lovingly refer to it as Apron 08. I must be feeling nostalgic though because recently I am feeling the urge to whip up something domestic:)

OK, well I am off to deal with rush hour traffic. I love getting of work at 5(not)! I am going to upload pics when I get home whilst I enjoy my So I should have some Weekender pics available for your viewing pleasure by late this evening or sometime tomorrow.