Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yesterday Was Present Day!!

Yesterday was the best day EVER!! I got my ami (I actually won a drawing!!) from yarnigras and my sassy apron from Adrienne L!!!

Check out my pics below. I couldn't be more excited!! You ladies have really outdone yourselves!

The Ami:

Isn't she cute!?! I am naming her Midge the Manatee. This is yarni's first manatee ami and I think she did an AWESOME job! She also included an owl bookmark which is equally adorable! I can't thank you enough! My daughter wants one now (because I won't let her have so I guess I am going to have to start dabbling in ami art as well. Thanks again, Val!!:)

The Sassy Apron Swap:

I am so spoiled by my sassy apron swap partner! She included two dish towels that she appliqued to match my apron, a matching apron for lyddiebug (which she absolutely loves), and a color coordinated recipe card with a recipe for a delish sounding summer drink! I can't wait to break out the blender and kick back on the deck with a "Summer Sunrise"!!

Thank you soooo much!!



Can everyone see the trim? She used little pom pon (pon pom) trim...too cute!

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val said...

I am glad you like the little Manatee. I'd be happy to make another one for your daughter...maybe in pink or some other girlie color....just email me as I don't have your address anymore!

BTW, I love the apron! It is VERY sweet! I love the colors. :-)