Saturday, March 22, 2008

My 1ST Emmeline

I completed my first Emmeline apron. My friend Kristi found the pattern on line and commissioned me to sew it for her. It was really fun to sew! I am eagerly awaiting the new Montessori By Hand apron patterns....Lola and Miss Elsie Mae.

The apron is reversible so the pictures above show each side...cute, cute, cute! If you have not made yourself one of these I suggest you hurry up! You can order the patterns on Etsy...Happy shopping/sewing:)


Giabella Designs said...

How hard was the pattern? I am not the best at reading them but do sew handbags and half aprons. Haven't ventured onto full aprons yet

Heather said...

Not bad at all! I think it took me 3 hours start to finish. The ties were a little confusing as well as the bias trim, but I think it probably gets easier every time you do most things do. I am going to get started on #2 soon...I will let you know if it is easier the second time around. The pattern maker really does a good job explaining, and there are a lot of pictures to help you along.