Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Sunday, Another Apron

Sorry for the crappy photo...had to use my phone since my camera is in need of some batteries. (see my foot in there?...haha!)

Anyway, my latest apron creation...I am really starting to love bias tape...who woulda thought:)

I start my sewing class next Tuesday so I am pretty excited...I can't wait to learn some tricks of the trade! I am hoping the instructor will be able to show me how to change the foot on my machine...supposed to be snap on...snap on my a$$ I can't get the darn thing off and I wanted to add a decorative stitch to this apron, but no dice since I am a retard and I can't change my!

1 Comment:

val said...

I love this apron. I need a sewing class 'snap' on zipper foot has me feeling like a moron........