Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Second verse same as the first

I have completed my second sewing project...and yes it is ANOTHER dress for Ms Lydia. The lady at JoAnn Fabrics didn't lie...sewing IS like riding a bike. While it is another dress, I must say that my sewing technique is greatly improved from my first attempt. There are some little mistakes that I can see when I get up close, but for the most part I was actually able to sew a straigt seam this time. GO ME! The neck fits her kind of funny, but I blame the is always someone else's fault:) Check it out Lydia is practicing her runway face.

Isn't it fun!?! Another plus, she likes it too!

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shannon said...

New dress=super cute! I am so jealous of all your new projects! I am still adjusting to full-time work and am still on sewing hiatus because of the (thanksully just about done) basement.