Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lemons On the Flipside

My friend Bailey is getting married this summer and her bridal shower was on Saturday...I made her an apron (big shocker!) and cute little handbag (I used the Jenny pattern from Lola...again's tutorial on her blog).

Why did I name this apron "Lemons on the Flipside"?? Because after I got everything cut out I realized that the lemons were upside down. I always seem to do that when I am working with fabric that has a print on it where direction matters...I am a little bit of a space cadet:) Rather than junk the fabric and start over (gasp!) I just thought I would give it a clever name and pretend like I meant to do that;) If you check out the purse below I did the same thing...lol! The flowers on the main part of the purse sure are pointing to the side...hahaha! One of these days I will remember to take the direction of the print into consideration before I start cutting...hopefully:)

They both turned out cute! I was pretty proud of myself since I actually accomplished the invisible stitch to close the binding this time. Last Emmeline I sewed I just cheated and top stitched;).

The Jenny bag was the first handbag I have sewn and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was very easy and fun! I suggest you run over to Lola...again and try it out. I have the link to the tutorial posted to the left...happy sewing!


val said...

OMgosh...both are so cute. You have amazing skill!

Lola said...

That is a darling Jenny Bag!! I love the fabrics you used!

I am posting another Tutorial, for The Angel Bag, next tuesday. It's bigger...but I think it is just as easy and fun!!

Thanks for letting me see your pics!

Abigail said...

Well done that is lovely. I have to send a recipe to a shower that I can't attend. I'll throw in an apron too!

Skye said...

Very cute! Love 'em!