Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just how lucky is a buckeye?

Here's the deal...Scatterbrained Heather forgot to lock her car on Saturday night so when she got up Sunday morning her purse and school bag had been stolen.

Caught up? OK, so I made a police report and was informed that it was probably kids (big shocker) and that my personal belongings were probably at the bottom of one of our "beautiful" neighborhood ponds. Gee, that was comforting...Anyway I spent all Monday and Tuesday getting new debit cards, credit cards, checking accounts, and a driver's license. My beloved IPOD was also in the bag...

On Tuesday night Officer Chatham came by to inform me that my belongings had been recovered. Apparently they had been ditched in someone's backyard that lives on Nevermind. Ironic a little? No cash in the purse so the thieves were probably thinking "nevermind" Everything was in the purse and school bag...even the IPOD.

Where I was going with all of that...I went buckeye hunting at the YMCA downtown a week ago and collected a few...Could that be the source of my good luck???...hmmm, it's a mystery.
Not mysterious...never forget to lock your car. Wouldn't have needed my lucky buckeyes had I remembered to do that.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hey Ladies...Get FUNKY!

Hey girls!! Ladies Night is fast approaching...this Friday (11/2) at 6pm at the Painter's Paradise in Chatham. Don't forget your beverage! Let's get drunk and paint!


The poll has closed and the winner is...#1. Thanks for voting!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HELP ME! I am turning into a HIPPIE!

Hello, hello! I am blowing the dust off of the old blog! It has been well over 30 days since my last is anyone even checking it anymore??

Anyway, I found myself on the internet today looking for reusable shopping bags when it occurred me that this is only the latest item in my recent "eco-friendly" shopping sprees. Not too many days ago I was online building my next vehicle...a hybrid. Not only that, I recycle at times, and try to purchase new items recylced from old ones...The biggest one...are you ready for this?...I don't buy bottled water anymore (at least for at home). All because Cameron Diaz said that it takes blah, blah, blah amounts of energy to recycle them. Apparently recycling is also bad for the earth?? (Anyone else confused?) I guess that is what I get for watching the Live Earth Concert on BRAVO. Next thing you know I will be unshowered, unshaven, and smelling of patchouli...I shudder to think!

Seriously though, check out these cool "green" bags and tell me you don't want some! Now you don't have to find somewhere to stuff all of those plastic sacks...You want a set, don't you?